Tank Cleaning

Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning is a 4 part process and the job is not finished if the tank walls are still dirty.

Fuel Polishing is the process of filtering the fuel. Decanting the tank means removing the contamination from the tank bottom.  Polishing the fuel alone is not enough. We clean the tank and the fuel using nozzles that we have developed that suspend the algae in the diesel along with other contamination – particulate, bacteria, fungus etc. and then remove the contamination from the fuel using filtration.  It takes time and depends on how dirty your tank is. We need to end up with clear diesel or clear gas and a clean tank.

Inside of a typical tank with bacteria growing on the walls of the tank

Inside of a typical tank with bacteria growing on the walls of the tank

The picture to the right is the inside of a typical tank before we do a service. As you can see the bacteria grows on the walls and ceiling of the tank. This is why we clean the tank and then filter the fuel.

Type of tanks we clean and where they are found:

Marine – Sailboats, Motor Vessels, Port Authority, Docks and Marinas

Generator Back Up Tanks – Condos, Government Buildings,Municipalities, Emergency Services,

Industrial Tanks – Logging Camps, Manufacturing, Warehouse – Forklift tank cleaning, Heavy Equipment, Cleaning Exotic oils, Hydraulic oils,

Service Stations – Underground or Aboveground tanks, Diesel, E10 Gasoline, Automobiles