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Following is a list of our other services. Call us at 1 888 713 1090 for additional information.

Installation of Engineered Sea built Ports in Fuel Tanks – Sometimes there isnt enough access for our probes and nozzles to fit in a tank. At that time we choose to use a very well built engineered port from Sea built to give us and the owner of the tank an access point for cleaning the tanks. The ports come in different sizes and allow an owner of a tank access to clean the tank and remove bateria, algae and other forms of contamination from the tank.

Fuel Tank Rentals – We can provide temporary storage tanks for fuel or water for a low monthly fee. Call us today for more information on our rates and the units we have available.

Fluid Filtration – Our systems can filter and reclaim many different types of fluids. Glycol, Processing oils, Hydraulic Fluid, Quenching Oils, Heat Treatment Fluids, Mold Releases. If it is liquid we can clean it of particulate,and water. We can also clean the storage tanks. If you have a problem just call us and we will look at it.

Added Filtration – We can add filtration to your equipment fuel tank ensuring the fuel to your equipment is clean of particulate and water.

Oily Water Separator Servicing – Let us take a look at your oily water separator and service it – It may stop working if it has never been cleaned. An oily water separator will bypass if it isn’t cleaned every two years.

Cetane & Octane Testing on Site – With our portable Cetane and Octane tester we can tell you if your fuel is still good right on site. With Fuel polishing and special additives we can restore your fuel to a good useable condition. If the cetane in your fuel has degraded to where your fuel is in danger of becoming waste we can recover your fuel by adding cetane or octane. http://fueltration.ca/fuel-management/

Small Tank Repairs – If you have a vent cap missing, or a hose that needs replacement we can do that at the same time that we clean and polish your fuel and tanks.

Fuel Sampling – We can sample any of your fuel storage tanks (except boats) for a nominal fee of $150.00 per tank which we credit off the cost of tank cleaning. When we sample the fuel and we then perform a ‘Clear & Bright’ visual examination of your fuel. If you can see anything in your fuel it is not ‘Clear & Bright’ and needs cleaning along with your tank. We can see water, sludge, bacteria and particulate when we perform the test. It is a common test in the aviation industry while preparing to fly and is very accurate in detecting contamination in fuel.

Industries Served:

  • Marine – Fuel Stations, Resorts
  • Mines
  • Service Stations
  • Standby Generators
  • Property Management companies with stand by Generators
  • Communications
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Federal Government Buildings
  • Provincial Government Buildings
  • Heavy Industry – logging Industries