Our Process

WardPolishingheavyequipmentFueltration Tank Cleaning & Services Inc. has a fuel polishing and tank cleaning process which power washes the inside of your tank using special nozzles and high speed pumps.

We use the fuel to clean the tank inside, removing algae, fungus, water, and then we filter the fuel to remove the debris taken off the sides and bottom of the tank.

If there is an issue accessing your tanks to perform our work we can install the best  engineered port.

Whether you have a boat, yacht or a back up generator tank your equipment is in good hands. Your back up generator is never off line. Business as usual for our customers. We will do the work when it suits you – 24/7. We have a boat to reach those yachters who are not able to come back to the dock. No facility is too remote. We go anywhere. All our equipment is mobile.

We can perform a fuel sample at your site – Underground tanks, above ground tanks or generator day tanks – We will sample and evaluate your fuel at no charge. This gives us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and intelligently quote the service if your tank does need cleaning. We do a Clear & Bright sample. This is a visual sample that is CAN/CSA approved under ASTM standard D-4176 following Procedure 2.
This gives us a visual of what is in your fuel at the tank bottom. By sampling this way we know what kind of problems are brewing in your fuel tanks.