Fuel Management Program


What is a Fuel Management Program? A fuel management program is the maintenance and care of stored fuel products and maintaining a clean fuel system. Fuel that is stored in Generator belly tanks, Generator rooms, underground storage tanks (UST) and aboveground storage tanks (AST) become contaminated by water, algae, bacteria, sludge, and particulates and are found at the bottom of the tank itself.

Water: Appears in fuel and tanks holding fuel a number of ways. Frequently by condensation caused by storage in delivery trucks, storage tanks, venting systems of storage tanks, bringing in wet air or changes in temperature while stored or rain infiltration through loose fittings or vents.


Bacteria: Aerobic and anaerobic bacteria thrive in fuel tanks when given the right conditions. Undetected and untreated algae growth in diesel fuel systems will lead to fuel quality degradation, lower cetane and octane values and fuel system corrosion. Bacteria, algae and fungal problems affect fuel and fuel systems in diesel, gasoline, biofuels, jet

fuel, and other fuel systems bringing down Cetane levels and making the fuel unusable.

Sludge: In your storage tank you have water and particles of solid chemical compounds, commonly called sludge. This is collectively referred to as Bottom Sediment and Water (BSW) which varies greatly in amount and composition. Sludge is an oxidized product, or chemical compound resulting from the oxidation of the hydrocarbons in the oil, forming insoluble materials, mostly organic in nature – dirt, grit, tank rust-scale and similar material.

Having fuel contaminants cause harm to the engines that are operating on this supplied fuel and causes them to fail when they are needed most. This can lead to down time, and expensive repair costs to the equipment. It is the particulate and water in the fuel tanks that cause the engine failures and other problems with equipment. Without maintenance the problem persists and after repairing the equipment the use of the same contaminated fuel tanks cause the same problems.

This is where Fueltration Inc. has come up with solutions for cleaning fuel systems of stored fuels. We provide a yearly fuel sample of your stored fuel and if there is Water and/or Sludge in the fuel and tank we remove this and then fully filter and polish the fuel through a system of filtration techniques we have perfected. We can filter fuel to 1 micron and power wash the inside of your fuel tanks using specialized nozzles we have developed – unique to the industry.

We provide “Regulatory Compliance Management” to Municipalities as well as Companies who store fuels and have UST’s and AST’s. Based on the BC Fire Codes and National Fire Codes C282-05 “Emergency Electrical Power Supply for Buildings”, as well as Canadian Environmental Protection Agency for UST’ and AST’s. We meet the requirements for insurance companies when it comes to fuels, stored fuels and storage tanks for fuels.

Call us at 1 888 713 1090 if you have any questions about bacteria in fuel, water in fuel, algae in diesel, clean fuel, clear diesel, or cleaning fuel systems.

Following is a similar company to ours with a very good video explaining why a Fuel Management Program is necessary.