Fuel Must Be Clear & Bright – Fuel Sampling on Site

Clear & Bright is a term that describes the visual quality of Diesel fuel.

Good quality diesel fuel will look like apple juice. Clear & Bright Fuel

Over the years I have sampled many Generator fuel tanks. Probably over 200 samples done and I have found contamination – particulate, water and bacteria – in all of those tanks. I am referring to fuel contamination that builds up over the period of a year.

Engineers ask me why those tanks develop sludge and particulate over a year even though they are running the Generators every month. I have an answer but I found an article that explains it better than I could in a million years. http://www.wpowerproducts.com/news/white-papers-articles/fuel-polishing-and-cleaning-secrets-to-diesel-generator-longevity-and-performance

Our company will sample your tank free of charge just to introduce ourselves. So take advantage of our free service and find out if you tank is clean and your fuel Clear & Bright.

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