Have a Safe Boating Experience with Spare Filters on board.

Have a Safe Boating Experience with Spare Filters on board.

Summer is coming! The boating season has started and the month of June, July, August are typically when our American neighbors show up

The radio starts chirping as they travel in groups and plug up the airwaves on their way to the Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound and the Broughton Archipelago.

Boaters are checking their safety gear and fishing equipment. Don’t forget your extra filters. 10 or 30 micron filters will get you back to the dock in case the sludge and bacteria growing on the walls of your tank decide to break loose and plug your filters.

A plugged filter will shut you down and that is the last thing you want if you are going through some of our famous rapids like Arran Rapids or the Yucultas. Even Johnstone Strait or going around Cape Mudge can be a challenge under the right conditions.

Be Prepared! If you find yourself in trouble and without filters give us a call. We have a 22′ Campion work boat with fuel polishing equipment that can come to your rescue. Find a place to anchor, take the dinghy to the store and call if you are out of cel range.

Even a text to 250 634 8128 or 604 788 0805 will do the trick. Internet is usually available at all the resorts.

Call 1 888 713 1090 if you need some help.