New Problems In Gas Tanks

For years Diesel Engine owners have struggled with fuel contamination in Diesel.  Today Owners are finding lots of water and fungus in GAS!

There are a couple of reasons for this. The addition of Ethanol is one. Ethanol attracts water which attracts organisms (Everything needs water to live on this planet).

Fungus in Racor

  • Fungus can be fuel polished out easily. Fungus can shut down your engine if not taken out of the fuel much the same way that bacteria in Diesel Fuel will clog the filters in your fuel system and starve the engine for fuel.
  • Gas is more difficult to clean as it gases off more easily than Diesel and is more prone to explosions. This is especially true in hot weather. Many fuel polishing technicians will not clean gas tanks.

Fueltration with 40 years of experience does but we are very cautious when dealing with Gasoline. We employ lots of venting and air movement.

We get a lot of calls from boat owners who have old gas in their boats. Old gas will break down creating shellac which causes particulate to accumulate in the fuel tank bottom.

Old gas can be recovered with fuel polishing and an octane booster. If you call us to fuel polish your gas tank just make sure you have STP Octane Booster on hand which we can emulsify into your fuel and bring it back to new!

There are many good gas additives in the STP line of product that  have proven their worth over many years. We do some work for Bridgeview Marine in Delta and they install Mercury equipment and their mechanics recommend Mercury  Additives

Please keep in mind that nothing can replace a good Fuel Polishing service. There is no magic potion that will clean your fuel. Additives can only delay the need for cleaning a fuel tank.

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