What Does Fuel Polishing a Boat cost?

What Does Fuel Polishing a Boat cost?

Fueltration Tank Cleaning
That is the first question that everyone will ask!

Let me get that out of the way. It is $225.00 to $240.00 per hour or $800 – $3000 depending on ease of access to tanks, number of tanks, and where the boat is located.

Now, what is the cost of NOT doing your boat? That is the question you really need to ask. $ 35,000 – $ 1,000,000.00. What is your boat worth?

A fuel problem always presents itself in rough water with souls on board headed to the rocks or the beach. In calm water the bacteria in your tank grows on the walls of your tank and the sludge from the dead bacteria settles on the bottom of the tank as sludge. No problem as long as they stay there.

The trouble begins when the water gets rough, the fuel starts sloshing around and cleaning the bacteria off the walls of the tank plugging up the filters and shutting the engine down. Any loss of power or surging is an indication of trouble.

In a small sail boat for example a 30 gallon tank that is fouled can reduce a $30,000+ boat to rubble.

Getting a bad load of fuel is rare. The cause is usually water getting into the tank and bacteria growing over time. The good news is that you probably only have to clean your fuel tanks once in the lifetime of your vessel.

The following video shows fuel polishing in action in a fairly small tank where the tank is clean to begin with. The video is 12 minutes to clear diesel. What it doesn’t show is the decanting process where the sludge is taken off the bottom of a tank and where the tank is cleaned of the bacteria that clings to the tank walls in a real life situation.

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