3 Reasons Bacteria Are Interesting

3 Reasons Bacteria Are Interesting

Many of us know bacteria as non visible entities that can invade our bodies and make us sick. Few of us think about the many forms of bacteria that live with us and on us that we can’t live without – bacteria that help us digest food, break down waste and even help us breathe the air around us.

  1. there is a newly discovered bacteria that can make diesel fuel and will eventually create carbon neutral28jan10_-_biomass_bug.jpg.scaled.1000l fuel for our future use.http://www.microbeworld.org/component/jlibrary/?view=article&id=10946
  2. Reconfiguring the genetics of the food pathogen E. coli produces hydrocarbons indistinguishable from those burned in trucks. http://www.microbeworld.org/component/jlibrary/?view=article&id=10450
  3.  Plant waste has long been seen as a possible source of sustainable biofuels, and new research out of Rice University could unlock some of the energy that scientists say lies waiting in organic material.http://www.microbeworld.org/component/jlibrary/?view=article&id=10303

Bacteria are the greatest travellers in the world, When they go on vacation they can travel the Jet Stream without an airplane and go from the most southern tip of South America to the North Pole in 24 hours. Commuting takes on a new meaning with that kind of speed. Maybe they can even go into space. Some bacteria are anaerobic which means they don’t need air to survive.http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/anaerobic

Bacteria can seriously affect the performance of your emergency generator. Even though you are running your generator monthly when you do your load test or need your generator in an emergency situation you are using three times the amount of fuel and that is when the machine will shut down when under a load because of a microbe growth restriction in the fuel filters. Your generator may idle ok but will not run when you really need it unless you get rid of the diesel fuel bacteria, algae and fungus by regular annual cleaning of the fuel tanks.

New fuel is just new food unless you have a clean tank. Biocide does not get rid of the biofilm which protects bacteria as it thrives on the wall of your tank. Mechanical removal such as tank cleaning, power washing with fuel or wiping down is the only thing that works 100%.