3 Tips To Finding A fuel polishing company!

3 Tips To Finding A fuel polishing company!

Summer is coming and we want to take our families out boating РSAFELY. Here are 3 tips to picking the right fuel polishing company?

So we are all busy filling up our boats, cleaning, checking our equipment, changing our fuel filters, and checking the quality of our fuel because when we are out there on the ocean or our favourite body of water we are on our own. We are responsible for the life and safety of all on board.



Summer cruising

One of the areas we must concern ourselves with is the fuel. 

Why The Concern With Fuel?

If we have dirty tanks or dirty fuel that can put everyone in danger. We all know the feeling – the rpms slow down, the engine slows down and before you know it we are heading for the shore and frantically trying to figure out why the engine quit.

After we get back to dry land our mechanic tells us we need a fuel polishing company.

3 Tips

We need to check on these 3 things before choosing a company –

  1. Do they have knowledge? Can they explain their process so that it is understandable and are they adamant about cleaning the tank too?
  2. Can they give us a written quote? This is a tricky one. Most companies do not do this because they do not know how dirty the tanks are in your boat and how long it will take to clean them. An experienced fuel polishing company should be able to give you a ball park number estimate though.
  3. Are they reliable? Do they call you back? Do they answer the phone? You can tell alot about a company that keeps in touch.

I hope this helps you keep your family safe this boating season. Call us if you need any help 1 888 713 1090!