Life As We Know It

Life As We Know It

Fueltration Tank Cleaning Ward O'Connor DrivingWard fuel polishing heavy equipment

My husband and I have been in the Fuel Tank Cleaning business together for more than 25 years. We now own a company called Fueltration Tank Cleaning and Services Inc.

This past year has been one of the most difficult for us and not because of the business but because of a loss in the family.

We were as usual working on a boat tank, under a deadline so that a mariner could go out for the weekend when we got the call. It changed everything in my life.

I can only speak to my feelings but I know Howard is having a rough time too.

Grief does not travel in a straight line. It is truly a wave that can over whelm you at any minute. Even as I type this I can feel it start to climb in my heart. At least where my heart used to be.


My son was an important person. He was a friend to his two sisters, he was an employee, business partner, and my baby. He was a partner, employee, ex employee, friend, son and all sorts of  things to my ex husband Danny O’Connor. He was a confidant, lover, partner and soon to be married to Jami Wallace, his fiancee. He was a kind, loving, upbeat, positive and all around fun and nice guy to his friends – of whom there are many.

We all miss him in our own way every day.

I just wanted to share a little of my life instead of just the business end of our business.


Elizabeth (Ann) Smith,