Water in diesel- the source of fuel filter IN DIESEL problems?

FuelsamplesshowingcontaminatedfuelWater gets in to diesel fuel storage for generators and marine tanks in several ways – condensation, transportation from the refinery, leakage through fill pipes or vents, or careless handling of the fuel.

The fuel filter problems stem from water infiltration. Water is needed to support life on this planet bacteria included. The bacteria breathe the oxygen in the water, eat the paraffin wax,  live their life cycle, die and leave sludge on the tank bottom which in turn gets into the fuel filter causing problems. #waterindiesel

Water can also cause injector nozzle and pump failure. Proper maintenance of your fuel facility – your tanks – will reduce the fuel filter problems and in the long run save you money. Not just money on fuel filters but maintenance costs of replacing injection nozzles, down time caused by a fuel filter problems, fuel pump replacement cost and corrosion in your engine parts and tank bottom.

Regularly removing water in an effort to avoid fuel filter problems is effective in lowering your overall maintenance costs whether you are a boat owner or a Works yard.

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